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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Engine Of Our Ruin (comedy)

2:00 PM
Seaver Theatre
Pomona College
300 E. Bonita Avenue
Claremont, 91711
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(909) 607-4380

"Communication is so difficult, even among people of the same language and culture. Yet we seem to have little sense of humility when it comes to dealing with people with whom we have profound cultural differences. That struggle to communicate when the stakes are so high seemed like a good premise for comedy. There are no villains in the play, everyone is actually trying to do the right thing, and their failures are common and trivial. It's only that the stakes are so high. The unexpected thing for me is how tonally light the piece suddenly appears compared to the dark reality we find ourselves in now. I think it's good to be reminded that there are serious jobs to do, and we really need to care who does them." - Jason Wells, playwright.

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