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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

  • Tuesday Noon:
    Tuesday Noon with Kim O'Neil and Christine Schutt

    12:15 - 1:30 PM
    Hampton Room, Malott Commons
    Scripps College
    345 E. 9th Street
    9th and Columbia
    Claremont, 91711
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    (909) 607-8508

    Fiction writers Christine Schutt and Kim O'Neil are true masters of wielding language with crackling precision. Hailed by George Saunders as "a truly gifted writer," Pulitzer Prize finalist and O. Henry Prize winner Schutt returns in Pure Hollywood to the short-story form that launched her acclaimed career. In 11 captivating tales, she brings us into private worlds of corrupt familial love, intimacy, longing and danger with the inimitable style poet John Ashbery once described as "pared down but rich, dense, fevered, exactly right and even eerily beautiful." O'Neil's debut, Fever Dogs, described as "tightly wound and glimmering with mysterious force," follows Jean and her Massachusetts family backwards in time from the turn of the 21st century as Jean struggles to invent herself a past. Blurring the line between family lore and fable, these origin stories quake with gorgeous intensity. Schutt and O'Neil visit Scripps to share their latest works and discuss the creative process.

  • Language in history: The Liverpool English Dictionary Project

    4:00 - 5:30 PM
    Honnold/Mudd Library
    Claremont University Consortium
    800 Dartmouth Avenue
    Entrance is between Dartmouth and Columbia Avenue
    Claremont, 91711
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    (909) 607-3303

    The Liverpool English Dictionary records the rich vocabulary that has evolved over the past century and a half as part of the complex, stratified, multi-faceted and changing culture of this singular city. With over 2,000 entries from "Abbadabba" to "Z-Cars," the roots/routes, meanings and histories of the words of Liverpool are presented in a concise, clear and accessible format.

    Join us for a discussion of how Tony Crowley has spent over thirty years compiling this dictionary, investigating historical lexicons, sociological studies, works of history, local newspapers, popular cultural representations and, most importantly, the extensive "lost" literature of the city.

  • Arts and Archives of Complicity: Rethinking the Subjects of State Violence

    4:15 - 5:30 PM
    Hampton Room, Malott Commons
    Scripps College
    345 E. 9th Street
    9th and Columbia
    Claremont, 91711
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    (909) 621-8274

    A Conversation with Heidi Grunebaum, Senior Researcher.
    A visiting scholar at The Claremont Colleges Intercollegiate Feminist Center.

  • Annenberg Leadership and Management Speaker Series:
    Sergio Monsalve, Norwest Venture Partners

    7:00 - 8:00 PM
    Drinkward Recital Hall
    Harvey Mudd College
    320 East Foothill Blvd.
    claremont, 91711
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    (909) 607-1818

    Sergio Monsalve
    Venture Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

    Monsalve has worked for the majority of his career as an entrepreneur and startup operator. He has served in a wide variety of functions, including founder, product manager, marketer, venture fundraiser, salesman, mergers and acquisitions analyst and even a handyman. As a venture capital investor at Norwest, he brings this same multi-disciplinary approach and passion for building great companies to his current role as investor, coach and mentor.

    The Annenberg Leadership and Management Speaker Series is an integral part of Harvey Mudd College's commitment to encouraging students to lead with integrity. Funded by the Annenberg Program Endowment for Leadership, this series brings to campus accomplished individuals who are recognized, world-class leaders in their fields of endeavor.

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