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Saturday, February 25, 2017

  • 5-C PowerDown Competition

    All Day
    Harvey Mudd College
    Harvey Mudd College
    (909) 607-7623

    Every year The Claremont Colleges compete against each other to see who can reduce their electricity consumption by the largest percentage over a three-week period.Harvey Mudd College will compete again this year. The campaign on the Harvey Mudd campus will be led by the HMC PowerDown Team, ESW/MOSS, the Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design and the Office of Facilities and Maintenance.The winning school will receive the Green Cup and a cash prize. The competition period begins on Feb. 13 and ends on March 6. The winner of the competition will be announced on March 7 at a closing event.Keep an eye out for PowerDown events at Harvey Mudd and the other Claremont Colleges!

  • Women's Health and Empowerment Symposium:
    Women's Health and Empowerment Symposium, February 24-25, 2017

    8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    Scripps College
    Hampton Room
    (909) 621-8274

    The Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement, along with several other institutions and programs, will sponsor a symposium, "Women's Health and Empowerment," February 24-25. The symposium brings together scholars and advocates to address issues of environmental health and justice, reproductive justice, gender-based violence, and empowering girls and women to make change, with a focus on scholar/advocate/community partnerships. The symposium also foregrounds the work of women of color and includes both local and global projects.

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