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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

  • 55th Robbins Lecture Series:
    Use of Unnatural Amino Acids to Unravel a 35 A Oxidation to Make DNA Building Blocks

    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Seaver North Auditorium
    Pomona College
    645 N. College Avenue
    Claremont, 91711
    (909) 621-8448

    2008 National Medal of Science recipient JoAnne Stubbe will be the guest lecturer for the 55th Robbins Lecture Series, presented by the Pomona College chemistry Department.

  • An Evening with Ray Kurzweil

    8:00 PM
    Bridges Auditorium
    Pomona College
    450 N. College Way
    Claremont, 91711
    (909) 607-2671

    Ray Kurzweil, one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a 30-year track record of accurate predictions, speaks to The Claremont Colleges community.Please visit for more information.This event is sponsored by Pomona College Information Technology Services and co-sponsored by the Claremont Colleges Library, the Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (the Hive), the Pomona College Computer Science Department and the Pomona College Media Studies Department.

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